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Service Items

Footwear biosecurity is often neglected and rarely monitored or audited.

Disinfectant solutions in footbaths and mats need changing regularly, depending on use levels and contamination.

To help get the best out of your footbath, we offer some essential service items to assist you on how to use it correctly and to keep accurate records, thus ensuring the maximum biosecurity measures are adhered to.

Peelable labels help users record and audit disinfectant use and change. They act as a reminder of renewal date.

Each time you empty or fill up your footbath, complete the details to record the start date, renewal date, personnel, disinfectant solution used and concentration. The label should then be applied to the front of footbath.

Record Sheets are available for recording the same information and may be retained for audit purposes.
Easy-to-use A3 wall chart Instructions show users how to use the footbath correctly. The wall chart also includes a choice of suitable disinfectants with appropriate details and final concentrations.

Footcheck offers simple remedies to help you monitor and audit your footbath.

Telephone: 01664 560746 or 07949 755051 Email: enquiries@hysolv-footcheck.com
Raising the Standards of Biosecurity