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Hygiene and Disinfectants

In order to ensure the highest standards of hygiene, we offer a range of high quality disinfectant products.

Used correctly, these will maximise the effectiveness of your Footbath and if used in conjunction with Footcheck:

Will ensure that all buildings and staff areas are regularly disinfected to eliminate bugs
Will ensure correct handwashing procedures are maintained by staff and visitors.

Footwear Disinfection

Product Name Concentration Effective against:
Intercid 1% Bacteria, fungi and viruses
Interfarm 500 0.5% Bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores
Interkokask Conc. 3% Bacteria, fungi, viruses, Roundworm and their eggs
Rhodasept 3% Bacteria, fungi and viruses
Interfarm 500
Broad Spectrum
Disinfectant & Concentrate
Combined Cleaner/Disinfectant

Hand Hygiene

Product Name Instructions:
Intersoft DK Rub into hands for 30 seconds without water foam with water for 15 seconds then rinse - Especially soft skin cleaning system
Intersoft D Alcohol based hand cleanser
Intersoft W Dissolves oil and grease and tar without solvents and rubbing agents (fruit scented)
Intersoft Tissues Quick drying Fast and effective against bacteria dermatophytes and lipophilic viruses
Intersoft DK
Hand Sanitiser
Intersoft D
Waterless Hand Sanitiser
Intersoft W
Hand Cleaner
Intersoft Tissues
Hands and Small Surfaces

For further information on disinfectants please contact us.

Telephone: 01664 560746 or 07949 755051 Email: enquiries@hysolv-footcheck.com
Raising the Standards of Biosecurity